Mercator Robotec Inc.
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Design and Integration of a Metal
Tube Quality Inspection and
Sorting Machine
Design and Integration of an
Assembly Error Proofing System
for the Automotive Industry
Design and Integration of a
Medical Device Assembly
Inspection System
Control System For A Window Spacer Bending Machine

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About Mercator Robotec Inc.

Mercator Robotec Inc. is an engineering firm that has been serving the North American manufacturing sector for more than 15 years. Our staff of licensed professional engineers and technologists provides high quality automation solutions, with a specialty in machine vision. Our customers include some of the most successful manufacturing companies in the world. Mercator Robotec Inc. has contributed to our customer's success by providing excellent customer service and delivering solutions that exceed expectations, on time and on budget.





"Working with Don McLeod, Scott Gibbs and the team from Mercator Robotec has been a pleasure for us at EMD Integration over the last few years.  Whether it is working on a proposal together or building a machine I have found Mercator to be  highly technically skilled and professional.  For success in implementing a vision system Mercator Robotec is the first choice!


Tom Lokody, President EMD Integration"